Western Barbeque, Singapore


🌏 51 Old Airport Road Old Airport Road Hawkers’ Centre Old Airport Road Food Centre, Singapore 390051 Singapore (View map)

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👆 Mobile ⏳ 19-03-2021

Fantastic garlic sauce

Last came here about 10 years ago when I worked around that area. Very happy that the stall is still around and the quality is still as good, especially the garlic sauce which I do not find it anywhere else. Had the mix grill which consist of pork, chicken, lamb, fries and salad. Well worth the $11 and about 30 minutes wait.
👆 Web ⏳ 24-03-2020

Simply the BEST

Introduced by my colleague to this old school Western Food. Oh boy, the food is heavenly! Tenderness in a desirable quality.. Flavourful.. and the garlic sauce, simply awesome!
👆 Mobile ⏳ 10-07-2019

Mix grill

Their mix grill does not come with beef. Bake bean was replace by coleslaw now. Love their pork as they have knock it till very soft. Garlic sauce blends well with the meat.
👆 Web ⏳ 01-11-2016

Superb Pork Chops

The Western Barbeque is an unassuming stall selling....western food. The ace in the hole is the excellent garlic sauce served with their pork chops and chicken chops that is downright perfect. Its sweet, garlicky and sourish in equal portions and makes any dish just taste great. It helps that the portion is pretty decent and the pork chop is mashed such that its easy to chew. 2 thumb up for this stall.
👆 Mobile ⏳ 24-01-2015

When Eastern meets Western!

I have visited this western food stall for more than 20 over years. During my first visit to this stall, I remembered that I ordered their pork chop. And from that moment till today Pork Chop is the one and only main that I ordered, and the taste is still the same. Their pork chop is very tender and juicy, and the sauce they used is very unique as it is garlic sauce. It’s like Eastern meets western as garlic is most commonly used in chinese cuisine. Price wise, is only $5.50 with fries, baked beans, cucumber. Other side dish we can order are bacon, egg, hotdog etc. and it’s located near Dakota Mrt. Thumbs up for this place!!!

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