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Arab perfumes, Peranakan costumes and batik clothing are the specialities of Toko Aljunied, along with its friendly service. Located on Arab Street, the store is owned by one of the most notable Arab families in the country and having been around for decades, it also boasts a rich heritage.
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⏳ 01-2020

My favorite shop in Singapore

I’m a big shopper - used to be a retail buyer for a major department store. Singapore has a lot of high-end shops that are more expensive than most of us can afford. This is a shop with beautiful hand-made items, sewn by the woman running the shop, and I loved the items I bought here. I bought them as gifts and I’m having trouble parting with them! Wish I could shop here all the time. Love it!
Mac B

A nice day of shopping ( & learning) along Arab Street - Shop owners are so nice that it’s like meeting old friends!!!

If you had mastered the bus system in Singapore, then, this place along Arab Street is so accessible. But we haven’t so we went there via the next best way – the MRT. From our hotel near the Clarke-Quay Station we simply walked to nearby Chinatown Station and took the blue (Downtown line towards Expo.

After 3 stops, we alighted at Jalan Besar Station & exit going to Weld Road. If you dislike the heat and humidity walking the streets of Singapore, just take a taxi or Grab (ride-sharing).

We noticed, as we ambled along the midday heat, Arab Street is also the location of some buses going to Malaysia and that the city-nation is really small. We saw the same tall buildings from our hotel vantage point earlier!

Arab Street is dotted with shops that sells various goods from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Middle East, Morocco as well as other countries with, well, Arabic influence. And, if you’re shopping for ‘batik’ goods, this is the place to be.

At the corner of Arab Street & North Bridge Road, you’ll see a glimpse of the big Masjid Sultan Mosque whose main entrance is actually along the next block-- Muscat Street.

Toko Aljunied is a small shop nestled among other stores selling similar batik fabrics and other souvenirs. We had been directed in the area by a store owner that sold cheaper fabrics when we asked for a ‘batik’ design similar to one used by Singapore Airlines stewardesses.

The store has a small façade but rather deep & filled with goods. What amazed us were the design and quality of the ‘batik’ fabrics or, was it just because of good lighting throughout.

The prices, specially the ‘batik shirts’ were a bit higher than the first store we had inquired from. But the owner, who I later learned had their roots in Yemen, patiently explained that the ‘batik’ fabrics they sell used better dyes imported from Germany and that the fabrics won’t stiffen and, most importantly, the designs won’t fade even after several washings.

The owner and his beautiful wife were so patient to look up the correct fit for my shirt while trying their best to answer our many questions about some of the items they sell.

They even sold honey imported from their hometown in Yemen and even shared a brief story -as well as pictures- how their family had started the business in that part of Singapore --when the country was still part of Malaysia.

Overall, I would gladly recommend to visit this quaint shop if looking for anything “batik’ while in SG. Not only there was absolutely no pressure to buy but the owners will also make sure that you get what you really like – in the correct size, fit and how much you need (in case of fabrics).

A simple trip to buy ‘batik’ fabric for a brother back home had turned out to be a special day as well as a brief lesson in the city-nation’s history.

Arabic Supreme

This is a lovely place to visit and get some gems at a very reasonable price. From batik to kebaya to wallets to fabrics, it is a great shop to visit when you are visiting Arab Street. Staff are definitely well trained and display highest level of professionalism. You can also get some really nice fabric here and bring them back to your home country to get it tailored. Love this store.

Little gem

Agree with other reviews, warm friendly service, no pressure to buy and great range of all things batik. Bought a selection of very reasonably priced fans for gifts, in hindsight should have bought more.

Excellent service

Was there yesterday with hubby
Lady attended to us - even though I did not buy anything, she displays total patience, professionalism and was very very helpful

I probably come again next time but trust me - service is tip top n non racist

House of Batik - great choice and quality

Toko Aljunied (House of Batik) has been in business since 1940, and stocks batik fabric, clothing (both cotton and silk batik) for men and ladies, as well as tablecloths, placemats and napkins. It also has a stock of small gifts (wallets, hair scrunchies, fans, purses) which are inexpensive and distinctive souvenirs. My S$5 fan was put into immediate use and was invaluable in the heat and humidity the staff are helpful but not at all pushy to make a sale, as can be the case with other sellers in Arab Street. They helped me find a very nice batik lades’ shirt (cotton for S$25, whilst silk are more) and explained the sizing - which is different from Western sizing, as Singaporean ladies are more petite than Europeans. I had looked at clothing in other shops, which was cheaper, but the quality of cloth and finish was better at Toko Aljunied. They also sell batik cloth by the metre. It’s a lovely shop and a great find. Hope to go back again!

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