The Animal Resort


🌏 T81, Seletar West Farmway, Seletar, North, Singapore 798061 Singapore (View map)

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Syed Rehman Shah

The kids loved it

Our kids didn’t want to leave, so were the other children that was here visiting. An open concept “zoo”, farm animals.
⏳ 08-2019

Some interesting animals sighting!

As long as you have low expectations, you will not be disappointed e.g. no big animals or "wild" animals --however, you do enjoy the open space with the pigeons and ducks that make you aware of their presence either via noise or "fragrance".
Guddiya Guddiya

Sunday Family Morning Trip

It will be a good Sunday family morning trip.
The only way to get there will be by cab or driving, there are no buses available.

Entrance is complimentary, thus to support do buy food from the store to feed the animals.

There is a retired racing horse which is called Pin Number who loves Carrots.
There are also rabbits, Guinea pigs, ducks, parrots and fishes. We are allowed to feed all the animals there which is great!

There is something therapeutic in feeding the animals in the much missed Kampung style!
Vivien T

I love this place

Been here many times with my family. I love the rustic kampong feel of this farm, what with all the ducks and the rabbits etc. Hopefully this farm stays open to public. Thanks for making this place so entertaining.
Sera N

I cant believe

Only a few animals, doesn’t seem very child friendly with one horse that you can’t pet because it bites! The ducks looked like they were not looked after at all with feathers coming off, another had growths all over it and we could hear barking dogs locked in cages around the back, not a nice experience

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