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🌏 3 Muscat Street Masjid Sultan, Singapore 198833 Singapore (View map)

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A century later in 1928, Denis Santry, an architect of Swan and McLaren, employed the Islamic-Saracenic style that combines ideas from Indian and Islamic traditions, designing a Mosque that incorporated the use of minarets and balusters.
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Chelsea B
⏳ 12-2019

Beautiful building

After an original mosque was built on the site in 1824 for the first Sultan of Singapore, this impressive building, with it’s onion shaped domes, was erected in 1928 and now stands as a national monument. Although we didn’t venture inside the beautiful architecture can be admired externally and I adored the gold detailing.
⏳ 08-2019

Beautiful Mosque

This is an iconic Mosque in Singapore. The architecture of this mosque is really beautiful from inside and outside. The mosque has been there since 20th century. I visited this mosque during Maghrib and Friday Jumma prayer. The mosque is really busy during Friday Jumma prayer. This is the only mosque in Singapore where you can hear the Adhan(calling for prayer). This is a very well maintained mosque and everyone I met were very approachable and friendly. I would definitely recommend a visit to this mosque.
Grover R
⏳ 02-2020

The most significant and historic Mosque in Singapore

Unfortunately, the day we chose to visit the Kampong Glam, the Malaysian District, the Mosque was closed for prayers. still we enjoyed its interesting architecture. While there are many mosque in Singapore. This is the most significant and most historic. While the building is almost 100 years old, the origin of this mosque goes back to the founding of Singapore and honors the Sultan of Johor who granted the land to the British in 1819. The architecture draws on a Saracenic design used by the British in India for Muslim structures, but is not necessarily consistent with Malaysian design. It has 4 minarets and two large onion domes. At the base of each is a shimmering black band made for the bottom of bottles. It is the primary attraction and most significant structure in the Kampong Glam and the very center of daily life in this district.
⏳ 03-2020

Neo-Indo-Islamic mosque with Malay influences

One of the major landmarks of Kampong Glam, this mosque has been around since the turn of the 20th century. It appears to have been built in the Neo-Indo-Islamic style with some Malay influences, evident in the onion domes and facades respectively. Unfortunately when I visited, the building was closed to visitors because of the Covid outbreak. It’s still open to worshippers though.
⏳ 10-2019

Too beautiful

This mosque is a treat to the eyes and a perfect picture spot. The golden dome marvels in the sunlight and cannot be missed during your Singapore trip. However I did not enter the mosque but couldn’t be any more impressed even by just looking at it from the outside.
⏳ 02-2020

Beautiful exterior and interior

This is a very impressive mosque right at the heart of the Arabic Quarter of the city - very beautiful from the outside and inside. As a muslim, I did pray in this mosque in congregation which was awesome. For non-muslim visitors, there will be notices regarding when to enter the mosque - you will be forbidden to enter while prayers are taking place. I’m unsure when the visitors can come and have a look but I suspect the best time would be probably between 9.00am and 11.30am since there are no prayers during this time but it is best to find out from the mosque committee regarding this matter. The mosque is close to Bugis MRT on the Downtown line. When you are visiting the place, please make sure you apply to the rules regarding clothing - the ladies will be given clothing to cover the body and the hair. Also be respectful when you visit any religious sites like mosques, temples and cathedrals

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