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🌏 2 Handy Road The Cathay, Singapore 229233 Singapore (View map)

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We love street food. It’s delicious, messy, real and it doesn’t break the bank. It’s also an essential part of experiencing a country’s culture. In Thailand, you have street food vendors lining the streets selling all kinds of Thai street food and drinks. What we’re trying to do here at Soi 55 is to bring a taste of the Thai street snack & drink culture to Singapore. First through our pop-up stalls at farmers markets and flea markets, and now at The Cathay where you can buy our drinks and snacks and bring them into the cinema (legitimately!) for your movie! At Soi 55, we offer time-honoured traditional Thai iced and hot teas & coffees – just like the kinds you’d get off the streets of Thailand (but less sweet, of course – yes, we heard you!). We are also available for events – you can hire us for your birthday parties, weddings, baby showers or corporate events.
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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 23-12-2015

Legit Ice Thai Milk Tea

Love the Thai Iced Milk tea from Soi55. Initially I thought it will taste like our coffeeshop teh-ping (ice tea) but the flavour is very different and taste really authentic like the Thailand teas. I didn’t really try the other flavours and the only flavour I had was the milk tea. Personally, I think the green tea variations are a bit strange but I think its just individual preference. They have convenient take away bottles that seem slim but are actually quite voluminous. Was reminded to add ice to the take away tea that I brought home as it’ll be too sweet. Pricing is reasonable and is between your coffee shop drink and your starbucks pricing, so I think that’s pretty fair. Glad to know they have another branch at Cathay where you can actually bring it into the cinema without being harassed by the management. Hope to see more branches soon!

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