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⏳ 03-2020

Had my DREAM PERFUME made here!

I was bored with my perfume choices and couldn’t find a thing that I felt held a candle to some of my favorites from the 70’s and 80’s that have been reformulated or have disappeared. I smelled jillions of perfumes at perfumes counters everywhere.

While I was in Singapore, I walked in and decided to have a custom-blended perfume made at this place in Singapore called Sifr Aromatics. During my session with the DJ of aromas, I described what I liked as he mixed and asked questions. I walked out of there with something that smelled like smokey whiskey. I wasn’t at all sure I was going to like it but I knew from a past experience with bespoke perfumes that you MUST let them sit for two weeks before you can form a judgement. So I did.

I AM IN LOVE!!!!!! WOW!!

This one cost me $250 which I think is quite reasonable for a bespoke perfume. I got it at the enchanting, Sifr Aromatics, in Singapore. At first it smelled like whiskey and smoke but I knew that you have to let a custom perfume sit for a couple of weeks. And it bloomed into such a beauty!

I wore it today and I could smell it while riding on my motorbike. I took a bath and changed my clothes and could still smell it. Not overpowering but there!

I know it has oud, tobacco and patchouli in it but there are many other things as well.

The place is lovely & the experience can’t be beat HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Lovely Perfumes!

We visited this unique little shop whilst on holiday & purchased an oil and a perfume, my only regret is that we didn’t purchase more as they really are excellent and the fragrance lasts forever. I also have to mention the service provided by Suhail was second to none, he was so helpful & knowledgeable and made the experience a real pleasure.....well worth a visit!
Wanderlust Family

Heavenly offerings

I just loved this perfume laboratory, everything about it is earthy, unique and beautiful. You can treat yourself to custom-made fragrances, or choose from the ready made divine blinds with other heavenly offerings including affordable, body balms, scented candles and vintage perfume bottles. The staff are very welcoming, informative and friendly. I walked away with two perfumes and I know I will be putting in an international order in the near future. A must when in Singapore, go and treat yourself!

A transformation

I arrived thinking I was floral, because I always had been, but through the gentle guidance of the female assistant, I left an hour later strong and woody with the Sultan. A great experience, aided by great expertise. The lady helping me could identify each of the 20 or so sample cards I had tried before finding the one. Even my husband enjoyed sharing the experience with me.

No better way to spend an hour...

I am a pretty big perfume fan so when I had a stay in Singapore on the way back from a holiday I found this place and went along to check it out.

The store itself is lovely and in a really cool area of Singapore; the Arab Quarter... great place to spend a few hours browsing boutiques etc. I went in early the day and was able to book a session to have a bespoke consultation later that afternoon. I have done a few things like this before and while fun they have never quite worked out how I wanted.

This was so good though. The perfumer is incredibly knowledgable but also very relaxed. I was not sure what I wanted so we just chatted and that helped reveal a brief for him. The whole experience was amazing and the ingredients he has available are really top notch....

Often things like this area about the experience and you get great memories but then an average product... which is understandable as creating a perfume that is balanced etc is not the work an hour or so... but I along with a fantastic experience (much better than I was expecting) I also got what is honestly a fantastic and unique perfume....

Also... for what it is I thought it was great value for money. There is probably very few other places in the world where you can get this service for this price.

Very highly recommended.

Excellent experience, excellent sales attendant Lukman

The place itself has a nice atmosphere and smells nice of course. Completed with a great sales attendant Lukman, young man, very helpful and knowledgeable. Everything is done with a lot of style.
Elizabeth h

My Signature Fragrance

I always love the idea of one of a kind fragrance. I was looking for natural not chemical fragrance and absolutely happy to visit Sifr Aromatics. I was having a hard time choose which one to purchase. Each of it present such amazing character. I would certainly back for another purchase. You can also make your own fragrance by appointment.

Best aromatics

Family owned business as told by the salesman and its a very old shop which will take you to the past and back to the present by its best perfumes and scents. The store has a very nice scent and the furniture is made of wood which matches everything about it.

The salesman is very honest & very helpful. We chose the perfumes and paid for them, in the time the salesman was preparing them for us we went to a nearby restaurant for lunch and came back to collect them. If you are into this kinds of shops this is a must visit.

I loved my visit and I would recommend for other travelers who are interested in those kind of aromatics. You also can take a prior appointment with a professional to mix your own scents.

Simply exquisite ❤️❤️❤️

This place is a little gem! From the moment you walk in , it’s very serene and it smells fabulous .
I found it 5 years ago and just came back( my oil perfume lasted a long time, and no one else has that scent) It’s so unique the way the oil perfumes work with your body chemistry so the scent smells different on every person.

We were welcomed by Lizzie . She is very professional and knowledgeable .She knew exactly what questions to ask. She really took care of us , she was patient and listened to what we were looking for .

My husband chose a couple of new scents and I got the same one that I truly loved.
The prices are very reasonable. You are getting a unique smell and it’s natural oils last all day . I always get compliments and people asking me what I’m wearing ????. You have to go in and smell for yourself .

Beautiful ambience

Sifr aromatics was the new hidden gem I discovered while shopping in Campong glam. A tranquil atmosphere as you walk into a spa. They sell not only perfumes but very beautiful vases, scent oil burners, soya candles. The owner was kind and helpful.

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