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👆 Web ⏳ 24-11-2016

Good food, good prices, good servcie. Good beer.

I dropped in here on my second night in Singapore. I was staying at Hotel 81 Orchid and did my normal nightime stroll. After noting some of the locals sitting at tables with beer bottles in buckets, I thought "Yep. My type of place." I was shown a table by one of the several waitresses. I beers on ice, in bucket. "I’ll try one of these, please" a beer called "Draft" Nice. Now, here’s the thing: each of the women promotes a different beer brand. So, it just depends on which waitress grabs you as you enter as she will seat you at her beer table. It wasn’t a problem the first night. I had two beers and left. My second night, it got a bit awkward. I was on a mission to taste ALL the beer brands they had. This means I had to get up from one table after one beer brand and move to another and, therefore, served by a different person. When I wanted my third brand, they got the gist of what I was up to and just moved buckets around. Another thing: small glasses. About four ounces. And they top that thing up almost afert every mouthfull (whcih is half a glass in any case) this has two problems. You don’t realise how much you’ve drunk as the waitress is pouring the beer for you. You drink very quickly. Which is good for them. Not good for your liver. But, hey! I’m Australin and these Chinese beers are pretty good. The food was fabulously presented and smelled even better. I only ate some spicy meat dish the name of which escapes me. But it was bloody good. They specialise in Szechuan so chillies are almost in every meat dish. Just remember European/American/Austraolian people "Spicy" in Asia can often mean "apocalyptic" in European. I’ve been living in Thailand for close on a year so not even a consideration for me. Just a warning. The chef was surprised I ate all of it without drowning myself in beer and ice. It wasn’t particularity busy on either night (Tuesday, Wednesday). It has about a dozen tables, with a couple more out the front for smokers - and maybe five had people a them. Like all Singaporeans, the waitresses spoke good English. Buyiing four beers of the same brand is cheaper than what I did. However, by Singaporean standards, they were cheap. 600ml bottls of beer for $6.50
Naji H
👆 Web ⏳ 24-07-2016

just down rd. from hotel 81 orchid

Breakfast,lunch or tea time,great food lots of choice,opens early friendly english speaking staff also does take away.

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