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🌏 85 East Coast Road #01-01, Singapore 428787 Singapore (View map)

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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 16-08-2020

Yummy Japanese food....

Seemingly unpretentious Japanese restaurant which we visited with friends based on a neighbour’s recommendation. We had some nice Sashimi with fresh Wasabi. Their supposedly trademark Tonkatsu was good ( We tried the prawn and pork ones). Their grilled Wagyu beef washed down with Urukasumi sake ended a superb meal. I know the combination sounds a touch sacrilegious, but we loved it....
Miki T
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 14-04-2019

HIDDEN GEM!! Quality ingredients, absolutely delicious

Of course their tonkatsu is great. But when you order their sushi or sashimi they serve it with FRESH WASABI!! Its absolutely DELICIOUS! The zinggg of wasabi of course but the sweetness that comes before that can only be tasted when you are served FRESH WASABI. Rice is cooked perfectly, miso soup was made from scratch not those packet ones. Wakame in the miso soup too!!!! HIDDEN GEM FOUND !!! will definitely go back.
πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 24-05-2018

the ONLY place for katsu

I’ve been here on several occasions and everytime, the same quality and standards, as if 3 Michelin stars have been awarded. The consistency means that you get lean, succulent meat wrapped up inside crispy crust, served with perfect Japanese rice and a side of cabbage sliced so thin, you’d think it’s paper. The sauces also pair very well with the meat and veggies. Go for the combo with deep fried oysters or prawns.. or like me, the lot... so I had pork, oysters and prawns, all in one simple meal. If rice is insufficient, they’d top it up for you. Same goes for the veggies. It’s a meal that will surely satisfy your hunger and even sort out your next meal for the day. Leave here happy and smiling and with a waistline slightly wider. But the happiness is priceless. Great place to eat solo or with friends. Best with a date.
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 02-04-2017

Hidden GEM - Excellent Tonkatsu!!!

If you are looking for a really good pork Tonkatsu, this restaurant certainly is a hidden gem right here along East Coast road! Do not be fooled by the lack of crowd and queues, people might be put off by the higher prices. The pork slices are fried with a really crispy batter and not oily at all. We tried the platter for 2, which includes pork, dory fish, 1 jumbo prawn and 2 oysters! The dory fish is one of the best I ever tried. For the pork Tonkatsu, it comes in 2 selections - Rosa (with fats) and Hire (lean meat and juicy). The portion is generous and the waitress will top up the cabbage. Even the miso soup that comes with the set is good. Very nice Japanese restaurant ambience along a very crowded road. You have to try to believe! :-)
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 03-03-2017

Very good quality food

Had maguro sashimi and lamb katsu. Excellent! Sashimi was really fresh and served at the right temperature with real fresh wasabi. Lamb katsu was tender on the inside and fluffy on the outside. Not oily at all!

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