Julaiha Muslim Restaurant, Singapore


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🌏 538 Macpherson Road, Singapore 368222 Singapore (View map)

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πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 07-03-2020

Finally! Briyani Rice which can match its tastiness as Kothoora’s Briyani Rice!

I’ve dropped by for a quick takeaway from Tai Seng. I noticed happy crowd of customers seated at most of their tables. Mostly ordered prata, the prata counter was so busy, prata egg plus onion only for $2 each, and they’ve prepped lots of onion dices and cheese for the pratas. Might have been their specialty which i would try someday. But i’ve ordered nasi briyani mutton for $6. When i returned to my workplace to enjoy the briyani, i was astounded to discover briyani which matches Kothoora’s after all these years of briyani tasting here and there. I would definitely comeback with my family when i have the chance! Affordable price despite running 24hrs with pleasant and swift service with great taste to go with! Highly recommended!
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 11-07-2019

Dexperience Undercover Service Quality Surveyor Ratings Review

Special compliments with gratitude to Nasr and Ravi for taking good care of us during our visit! Dexperience Undercover Service Quality Surveyor Ratings Review Of Julaiha: Value 5/5 Service 5/5 Quality 5/5 Ambience 1/5 Experience 5/5 Enter Dexperience List: Successful!
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 28-12-2017

Excellent place to try

The prata here is freshly prepared and more often than not their plain prata is crispy compared to some other places that you try which would be soggy because they left it there for some time. Space is large enough to cater to a bigger audience too. Don’t forget to try this place if you are nearby????????
πŸ‘† Mobile ⏳ 10-07-2017

Good food and a great family run business.

Visited this restaurant 2 times in one week.Greeted very warmly by the owner who took time to sit with us being tourist and apart from his good food and warm company,he passed so many valuable tourist information to us.We enjoyed very much the tissue Prata and crab curry. Never eaten this anywhere else in the world. Restaurant very clean and always full with tourists. Open 23 hours. At night tables are all full. Vibrant Environment.

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