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🌏 585 North Bridge Road Raffles Hospital Raffles Hospital 01-05, Singapore 188770 Singapore (View map)

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Fun Toast (previously known as Kheng Nam Hong) was founded in 1941. The reinvigorated traditional family Coffeehouse has now evolved into a Fun, Innovative and Uniquely Singapore Coffeehouse – moving ahead with time but always keeping in touch with the communities through delectable traditional Nanyang Food and Beverages.
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πŸ‘† Web ⏳ 28-02-2017

Best Kopi - Served as an Art

I found this little place around the corner from the Westin Hotel. A great cup of Kopi for just USD1! It is prepared with flair and is delicious. The toast and eggs are Ok not great. The iced coffee is equally good prepared with evaporated and condensed mile. You will not regret.

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