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If you are in Singapore during the Chinese New Year period, the Chingay Parade is an annual event you must not miss. Chingay means ’the art of costume and masquerade’ in the Hokkien dialect and the parade is an annual celebration, where different groups and races come together to put on a colorful display. Expect to witness colorful floating platforms and street performers in fanciful costumes, from the largest street performance and float parade in Asia.
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Elliott S

The fabulous Chingay Parade in Singapore

Having been to Singapore 3 times and having covered almost all the things to do over about 10 days, in anticipation of our upcoming travels via Singapore I looked to see what was doing for the night before departure.. Well, guess what, for the first time in my life a major event traditional to a particular city was happening and this time, for once, I was going to be there. The Chingay parade. JAN 31 and feb 01 2020 is a Mardi Gras, or Rio de Janiero style carnival parade happening right down near the hottest tourist spot in the city. Beneath the Singapore Flyer massive Ferris wheel, overlooking Merlin Park, the float, the science Center, and Gardens on the bay etc, is a 1000 person at least , performer parade. Preceded by a Carnival during the afternoon, and followed by Chinese New Years festivities. Because I was arranging for a major M&G aboard a departing vessel in the morning from the Marina Bay Pier, I had about 150 names available to me from within a cruise forum , so I arranged for special seating for many of us and this became truly a party night.
If you are going to Singapore next year in Jan Feb 2021, check out the Chingay website, and buy your tickets on line

Great evening
⏳ 01-2020

A Spectacular Event!

From the 200-meter-long string of firecrackers that started the parade to the fireworks display that ended it, this event was a feast for the eyes. I was surprised by the number of performers in the parade--one of the first sets consisted of what must have been at least 100 children dressed in identical bumblebee costumes dancing in sync. I was also surprised at the length of the parade. For over an hour we were told to prepare ourselves for the 108-meter-long dragon, and when it finally came, I assumed that that was the climax of the show. No! There were several more sets of performers after the dragon! And did I mention the illuminated drones in dragon costumes flying about? The show just kept going and going, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I was so impressed, I’m considering visiting Singapore again next year (a 20-hour trip one way) to see the 2021 parade!
Wallace Tan

A multi-national and multi-cultural parade that you should not miss!

This is my first time watching Chingay live and the experience and atmosphere are great and fun to watch. If you have spare time in SG, you should watch this and join in the fun. Besides the parade, there was a carnival filled with several mini-activities and many food stalls. Be sure to check them out!

A showcase of Singapore vibrant and dynamic cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic culture

Chingay Parade is a way Singapore celebrates her Chinese New Year. It originates as a street parade as far back as 1973 and today it is an annual signature event showcasing the vibrancy and dynamism of Singapore multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan culture.

The parade is held at the F1 Pit building and the nearest MRT station is Promenade station.

Unless you have friends in the grassroots or your company is allotted complimentary tickets, the tickets need to be purchased from the event organizer and the price per ticket ranged from $22 to $40/- depending on the category.

I participated in the parade as a CERT volunteer, helping out as a first aider and standby fire fighter to ensure fire safety at the boom lift area where the firework display set off.

The success of this Chingay Parade owes much to the many of the volunteers from the various grassroots units at the constituency level, the supportive corporations and the various schools and learning institutions who went for serious training sessions and rehearsals in order to give their best performances on the actual days. We also should not forget the contributions from the various spectacular cultural contingents from the other nations (Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, China, etc) that added much limelight into the Parade.

Behind the scenes were also volunteers from the Police, the SCDF, the schools, the St John’s ambulance and other PA units like CERT, etc. It is a concerted national effort to showcase the unity, cultural diversity and harmony that Singapore enjoys as a peaceful and progressive society.

At one moment, I was standing among the spectators at the seat areas. The pulsating music, the cheers of the crowd, the colorful lighting and the immersive atmosphere made the event so captivating and alluring that I could not resist the temptation to take out my camera to take some beautiful shots.

At another moment, I was standing right at the frontline of the barricaded area and I could see the smiling beautiful faces of the performers. Some may be elderly aunties but I saw the energy and youthfulness in their dances. Age has no limit to the performers as I can see that they really enjoyed and immersed themselves in their performances and the festive mood. The population may be ageing but the nation is still strong and vibrant.

As I look at each contingent passing by, I am amazed at the potential strength of this nation and the ability to garner the support of all sectors of the community, be it the business, the government ministries, the young and the old, the rich and the poor and all came here as one united people. We are proud to tell the world that we can create wealth and we can create unity.

While we look at our glorious past at this bicentennial celebration we also are futuristic in our outlook to bring economic prosperity to our country. While the Harley Davidson antique motorbikes and the old modeled cars conjure images of the past, the spectacular well designed floats from the banks painted a prosperous future for Singapore.


Great way to soak in the Chinese New Year festivities in Singapore

An annual event that presents the National celebration of Chinese New Year. It is said to be a way of replacing small group celebrations where the Chinese will set off firecrackers.This practice was frowned upon as it used to cause fire at the rural areas. Chingay Parade was then introduced a few decades ago to invite all to come to the streets to witness Lion Dance and other traditional presentations.In this parade, the state sets off massive Fireworks display for the public in place of fire crackers. Singaporeans and foreign friends visiting have given many thumbs up for this. However, it will be dampening if there is bad weather.But great opportunities for cultural sights. You can buy tickets from sistic online.
Shahmudin K

Chingay Festival Singapore

It is celebrated during Chinese New Year period (Jan or Feb).It is a spectacular colourful annual parade event held in Singapore at Marina Bay to show our celebrative spirit.It showcase moving beautiful floats representing the different aspects of Singapore.Organisations comprising of the different etnic races will display their cultural music, dance etc. This year we also have more foreign countries joining the parade eg Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia,Thailand, South Korea, Japan etc.For more information about the annual parade and if you happen to be in Singapore during the period look it up in the internet.

View map go to Chingay Parade

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