Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre and Market


🌏 259 Bukit Panjang Ring Road Bukit Panjang New Town, Singapore 671259 Singapore (View map)

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⏳ 06-2020

Rich local food culture

I was here on the first day when it opened on 6 Aug 2016. It is almost 4 years that I came here for the 2nd visit. This time I came during the Covid 19 period at a time when the Phase 2 opening kicked in. Under Phase 2, patrons can have their meals at the hawker center with strict compliance to safe distancing measures. No patron is allowed to sit at the marked seats.

As I stepped into the hawker center, I noticed there was a handful of Safe Distancing ambassadors (SDAs) attired in SG Clean t-shirts taking observation positions at four corners of the hawker center. They would intervene the moment they observed that safe distancing measures were not observed. I was queuing at the vegetarian stall when one ambassador advised me to keep to the red tape spacing on the floor.

This is one of the best hawker centers located in the west of Singapore. It is also the first hawker center to be managed by the National Trade Union Congress Foodfare Co-operative with an objective to provide low cost food options for the locals.

The hawker center has a total 28 food stalls. Among them, you can find about 7 stalls with food price marked below $3/-. With such economical options, the hawker center attracted quite a big crowd during weekend and as such, the SDAs were present to ensure that safe distancing measures are strictly complied.

My observation also tells me that this is one of the cleanest hawker center I ever come across. I noticed that the cleaning contract workers were very fast in removing the utensils left on the tables. As such, there is hardly a pigeon or bird that flew into the hawker center to feed on the leftover food. You feel safe eating at such a sparkling clean place.

The food here are also of a diversified varieties. I noticed there is a Korean Japanese cuisine stall that sold Korean Ramen, Korean Ginseng chicken soup and Japanese Saba Fish set and a Saigon Food Street that sells Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

The rest of the stalls are the yummy delicious local delicacies. The seafood stall is famous for her Nonya Fish Head. The Father & Son stall is famous for her fried carrot cake and Char Kway Teow. There is also the Tong Fong Fatt Hainanese Chicken Rice which is rather cheap at $2.50 or $3.50 per plate. The Beauty World Handmade Yong Tau Fu is superb.

I understand from some glutton `news’ that this hawker center is famous for her glutinous `Lor Mee’ and is sold at below $3/- with rich ingredients. There is also the Pork Belly Ban Mian which attracted quite a number of customers. The handmade Bee Hwa Pau (buns) is also not to be missed. I remember buying them for my children when the hawker center first opened.

Those who like fast food can visit the Western & Grill for chicken/lamb/beef burger or mutton chop or french fries. There are also halal stalls that cater to the Muslims like the Habib Sahra stall that sold mee goreng and Indian rojak or the Bukit Panjang Nasi Padang stall that sold rice dishes.

It is rather refreshing during this Covid period to visit such a clean hawker center with so many varieties of delicacies. I was, however, rather shocked and disheartening to see the `dilapidated’ state of the market at the 2nd level. Most of the stalls are now closed and only one poultry and one pork stall are operating. Feedback from residents showed that the nearby shops are selling at more competitive prices that at this market. If business cannot be sustained, the authority may wish to convert this into an extended hawker center instead of a market.

For back packers, this neighborhood hawker center is a great place to savor local delicacies at cheap rates. This is the best place to understand the local food culture.
Rolly M

Local Food Locals Love

We came here to eat local Congee at one of the stalls in Hawker market. Among the many stalls, one stood out because it has people lining up for their congee. Other stalls did not get as much attention. The congee tastes really good and the place is bustling with travellers and locals.


2019 Hawker centre food is still very nice and cheap.BUKIT PANJANG very near to lrt.I can say that after your meals it a nice place to slow walk around the area.GIANT is near by?

Great food and really cheap prices

We went here for lunch a few times. A plate of asian food (your choice), 3 meats and rice and it cost approximately $3.20 US. Very good food!

Great local food

Awesome food, cheap prices and very fast service. Eat with the locals is always great in Asia. Recommended

There is always something for you at Hawker centres!

The coffee/ tea stall always has a queue and that is because it is not only cheap but of good taste. Several other stalls are worth trying but you have to go and see for yourself,

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