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🌏 No. 9 Yong Siak Street Tiong Bahru Estate, Singapore 168645 Singapore (View map)

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BOOKSACTUALLY (est. 2005) is an independent bookstore specializing in Fiction and Literature. This includes Poetry, Essays, Literary Journals, alongside obscure, critical works and antique/rare editions. We also stock titles from various subjects we like: History, Biography, Current Affairs, Human Sciences, Math/Natural Sciences, Travel Narrative, Food Narrative, Aesthetics, Music and Film. BooksActually also houses the largest collection of Singapore literary publications including some out-of-print titles.
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⏳ 01-2021

Simply amazing!

Cannot recommend this store highly enough! They arranged a last minute gift order after they had closed and it arrived that evening! I ordered all the way from London and had a hugely smooth experience.

Loved it

I was looking for some locally published books and I did find so many collections (including poetry) highly recommended!

Ah, Bookstores. I’ve missed you.

As a former employee of a small, independent bookstore who has since spent much of his life abroad in countries where bookstores are not really -- or are no longer really -- a thing, walking into BooksActually felt like coming home. Here books are stacked high, and although the perimeter shelves are organized loosely by genre, the middle island of books is a beautiful disorganized muddle of all things interesting; a dystopian graphic novel sits alongside a Victorian classic, which sits alongside a memoir, which sits alongside a contemporary novel by a local author. If when you’re in a bookstore half of the fun is exploring, it’s worth your time to take a car here from wherever you’re staying in Singapore, and spend the afternoon looking around. You won’t leave empty-handed.

There are also plenty of bars, cafes and restaurant in the area, so make a day of it! Word on the street is that they are moving to a new location that is much less convenient by most standards (although still worth it, I’m sure). Get there, Tripadvisees; get there. And don’t forget to explore the collection of knick-knacks and memorabilia in the back!
Manny V
⏳ 04-2019

Local Bookstore

Such a cool gay friendly bookstore in Tiong Bahru neighborhood.

Had a ton of local books and a big variety of different reads to choose from.

Ended up going twice and buying 3 books.

Friendly, helpful staff. So happy we found this place!


We went out to Tiong Bahru with BooksActually one of the main reasons. It’s got a reasonable paperback collection but I’ve seen far better. One of the positives is a reasonable range of Singaporean and SE Asian authors. We stayed a while browsing but there was no interest or engagement from staff. Their wi-fi is not available to the public which was a bit of a surprise and inconvenience for a bookshop. The shop itself is surprisingly pokey and there’s nowhere to sit down. I am a book lover but I wouldn’t recommend a trip out there specifically for this store. The neighbourhood itself is far more interesting and engaging.
Nia S
⏳ 10-2018

ecletic bookstore

The location of this small bookstore, in the middle of public housing flats in Singapore is unique yet welcoming. The collections itself quite appealing to me. Most are from local authors, so if you want to know more about local literature, this bookstore will satisfy your curiosity.

Lovely store with lots of character

Always love popping by Booksactually as the books are curated by the owner Kenny Leck who is very passionate about promoting the love of reading and literature. The cats in store also add an interesting feature whenever they suddenly pop up to greet you when you walk in.

Great bookstore

Great bookstore with not just mainstream literature but a wide variety, focus on S’pore and slightly edgy books - a special treat in Singapore!
Afterwards have a coffee and an excellent local cake ( kue gula Melaka) in the restaurant on the corner...

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